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Pat Gillis works at B.C.'s Children's Hospital.

Elmer Wiens is a consultant at egwald.ca *.


Pat and Elmer

Okanagan, August 2008
Pat and Elmer, Winfield
Pat and Elmer, Winfield

Hawaii, May 2008
Pat and Elmer, Waikiki Beach
Pat and Elmer, Honolulu

Harrison Hot Springs, Christmas 2007
Pat and Elmer, Harrison Hot Springs
Bridget,   Pat,   Elmer,   Biscuit

Nutcracker Ballet - Goh Ballet
Nutcracker Ballet - 2007
Pat,   Amelia,   Bridget,   Marie,

Pat's Birthday Party - 2007
Pat's Birthday Party
Bridget,   Pat,   Amelia,   Elmer,   Marie,   Rob

Pat and Elmer - Jericho Beach
Pat and Elmer - Jericho Beach

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Pat and Elmer

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